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Toni Cucarella


Toni Cucarella is the literary pseudonym of Lluís Antoni Navarro i Cucarella, who was born in Xàtiva in 1959. He writes fiction and articles for different publications. He started to work at the age of fourteen, after which he has had all kinds of jobs. Notable among his books are the novels Cool:fresc (1987), El poeta (The Poet, 1988), Bogart & Bogart (1993) and L'última paraula (The Last Word, 1998), the latter work obtaining, ex aequo, the City of Badalona Prize and the Valencian Writers Critics' Prize. With the novel Quina lenta agonia, la dels ametlers perduts (What a Slow Agony, That of the Lost Almond Trees, 2003) he obtained the Octubre-Andrònima Prize for Fiction and the Valencian Writers Critics' Prize once again. He is also author of the short story collection La lluna vista des de la terra a través de tele (The Moon Seen from Earth through the Telly, 1990) and has written fiction for young people with Els ponts del diable (The Devil's Bridges, 1995), winner of the Samaruc Prize for Young People's Writing, El lledoner de l'Home Mort (The Dead Man's Nettle Tree, 1996) and L'hereu dels Tretze (Heir of the Thirteen, 1999). He writes articles for Levante-EMV, El Punt, Caràcters, Ciudad de Alcoi, Vilaweb, inter alia.

He is a member of Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana.

Web page: Carme Ros for AELC.
Translation: Julie Wark.
Photograph: ©Antoni Navarro.