Working hypotheses inherent in the proposal of geometric/fractal writing

Dachs, Ramon

1. Inductive hypothesis:

All possible texts are generated from a limited range of elementary cognitive structures and their combinations, configurations all capable of being represented geometrically (and fractally) and of being formulated algebraically; involving a human mind that can be assimilated to an abstract space in which any intellectual (metalinguistic) process can be analysed topologically.

2. Deductive hypothesis:

Any "geometric writing" is one of the possible realisations of a specific geometric/fractal syntactic configuration of signifiers (A) linked with a specific semantic/topological assortment of signifieds (B). And the resulting "fractal writing" is the sum of the possible realisations of AB.

See the official synopsis of the exhibition "Geometric Writing, Fractal Writing" at the Institut Valencià d'Art Modern (IVAM).


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