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Bonaventura Carles Aribau


Bonaventura Carles Aribau, (Barcelona, 1798 – 1862) was a Catalan politician, economist, writer and journalist.

At an early age he published, in Spanish, the poetry compilation Ensayos poéticos (1817). At his early twenties he took an active role in the Liberal Spanish revolution in 1820. He was one of the founders of the "Sociedad Filosófica" and of the newspaper El Europeo. In 1826 he moved to Madrid, and for over twenty years he worked in private businesses and as a journalist for the newspapers El Corresponsal, La Nación and La España. He was appointed General Director of the Spanish Treasury (1847), Director of the Spanish Customs and Duty Board (1850), Director of the National Properties (1852), and Secretary of the Royal House and Heritage (1857).

He is author of the Catalan poem "La pàtria", published in 1833 in the newspaper El Vapor, considered the beginning of the Catalan Romantic movement of the "Renaixença".

Page by Josep Miàs for AELC (Association of Catalan Language Writers).
Cover image from the magazine L'Avenç, num. 5, 1-3-1882.
Translated by Josep Miàs.