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Antonina Canyelles


Antonina Canyelles (Palma, 1942) is a poet.

The author of a highly singular, direct, caustic body of work, she was awarded the 1979
Marià Aguiló Prize for her first collection of poems, Quadern de conseqüències (1980). In 1981 she published Patchwork, a folder of poems with illustrations. After these first two titles she did not publish again until 2005 when her work Piercing appeared, and this was followed in 2007 by D'estructura circular. Two later works, Putes i consentits. Antologia poètica and Tasta’m. 34 poemes inèdits, both published by Lapislàtzuli, were favourably received by the critics. Moreover, she has published the titles La duna i la cascada (2013) and Nus baixant una escala (2013).

In 2007, Antonina Canyelles took part in the Ninth Festival of Mediterranean Poetry, which was held in the Teatre Principal of Palma, and also the Tenth Night of Poetry, held in honour of Josep Palau i Fabre in the Sant Cugat Auditorium. In 2008, she was a participant at the Oliva "Poefesta" Festival of Poetry, in the Safor region of Valencia, and in the cycle "Parallel Voices: From L'Atles to Formentor". In 2015 the group La Rabera Eclèctica produced a stage adaptation of Putes i consentits while, in 2017, she was the author chosen for opening the first issue of the photo-poetry review Panoptik (Uruk Editorial, 2017) in which her poems are illustrated with twenty-one photographs. Her work also appears in the anthology Women Writers in Catalan (Raig Verd, 2017).

Antonina Canyelles is a member of Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (Association of Catalan Language Writers – AELC).

Web page: Toni Terrades for AELC.
Photographs: Jon López de Viñaspre / Editorial Lapislàtzuli.
Translated by Julie Wark.