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Montserrat Cornet i Planells


Montserrat Cornet i Planells (Barcelona, 1934) began to write and publish at almost fifty years of age while still working as an insurance broker until she was sixty-five. She writes for the reviews Crònica, El Món, Vilassart, Els Quatre Gats, etc., and published her first books Entre dos estius (Between Two Summers), Rusiñol que vas a França (Rusiñol, You’re Going to France) and Fill, què hi fas, a Polònia (What Are You Doing in Poland, Son?), which were followed by another five titles (short stories and novels). In 1985, she received her first prize for theatre in Sitges with Primavera a París (Springtime in Paris), after which she wrote six more plays. The penultimate of these, Revisió annual (Annual Check-up), has been performed more than 200 times, at the Goya Theatre in Barcelona and in fifty-three towns around Catalonia. The Goya theatre has also staged La nina (The Doll) and Tota una senyora (Quite a Lady). She has been giving lectures in different parts of Catalonia for the last ten years.

She is a member of AELC (Association of Catalan Language Writers).

Web page: Carme Ros for AELC.
Documentation and Photograph: Personal files of the author.
Translation: Julie Wark.