Vidal Ferrando
Associaciˇ d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana

Antoni Vidal Ferrando (SantanyÝ, 1945) works as a teacher and is a poet and fiction writer. His poetic work starts from his Mallorcan identity to construct a discourse on the contemporary human being. He has been awarded the 1985 AusiÓs March Prize, the 1985 and 1995 Ciutat de Palma Prize, the 'Cavall Verd- Josep M. Llompart Critics' Prize (1993) and the 1994 Flor Natural Prize in the Barcelona Jocs Florals literary competition, among others, for his poetry. Notable among his books are Calvari (Calvary, 1992) and El batec de les pedres (The Heartbeat of Stones, 1995), and Cap de cantˇ (Corner, 2004).

He has published several anthologies of poetry in recent years, among them El jardÝ de les delÝcies (The Garden of Delights, 2005), which has appeared in a bilingual Catalan-Spanish edition, and A cops de ferro i Ólgebra (By Dint of Iron and Algebra, 2005), edited by D. Sam Abrams. In 2008 his collected poetry was published in one volume with the title AllÓ on crema l'herba (There Where the Grass is Burning).

As a fiction writer, he is known for his trilogy on twentieth-century Mallorca, which begins with Les llunes i els calÓpets (Moons and Toads, 1994) and finishes with La mÓ del jardiner (The Gardenerĺs Hand, 1999), winner of the Sant Joan Prize for the Novel, and L'illa dels d˛lmens (The Island of Dolmens, 2007), which was awarded the "Serra d'Or" Critics' Prize. Also outstanding is his diary Amors i laberints (Loves and Labyrinths, 2010).

He has been working in the domain of history for some time now, and the most significant of his works in this field is La poblaciˇ i propietat de la terra en el municipi de SantanyÝ (1868-1920) (Population and Land Ownership in the Municipality of SantanyÝ (1868 - 1920)).

He is presently living in SantanyÝ, the land of his dreams, where the poets Blai Bonet and Bernat Vidal i TomÓs were his mentors.

He is a member of the Association of Catalan Language Writers.

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