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Mercè Arànega


Mercè Arànega was born in Badalona and studied graphic design and engraving techniques. In the professional field she began as a painter with subsequent exhibitions of her works, also working as an illustrator of stories and of the classics. She has taught Art in schools and in the Llotja School of Barcelona, along with courses for teachers, and giving seminars and engaging in other activities in her field. She has sat on a number of juries awarding prizes for children’s literature.

She began to work in the literary world with children’s book illustration and eventually started to write her own texts with characters like Lola the Frog and Mina the Chicken who feature in different collections for small children. She is a frequent visitor to schools, encouraging children to tell stories and to read for themselves.

She is an honorary member of AELC (Association of Catalan Language Writers).

Web page: Anna Solé.
Documentation and Photograph: Author's personal files.
Translation: Julie Wark.