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Anna Dodas i Noguer


Anna Dodas Noguer (Folgueroles, 1962 - Montpeller, 1986) was a novelist and poet, whose promising literary voice was prematurely silenced by her untimely death.

From a very early age she participated in literary competitions and won a number of local prizes, eventually being awarded the 1986 Amadeu Oller Prize for her collection of poems entitled Paisatge amb hivern (Landscape with Winter). Her posthumously published work, El volcà (The Volcano, 1991), brings together the totality of her poetry, which is full of music and powerfully imaginative images. Her short stories, too, reveal the lyricism and surrealism that characterise her poetry.

Anna Dodas combined her literary work with that as guitar teacher and concert performer.

Web page: Francesc Viñas for AELC.
Translation: Julie Wark.
Photograph and documentation: Anna Dodas family files.