Women in Literature Today

Oliver, Maria Antònia
Revista Literatures Núm. 0 1997

Women in literature have three roles to play: that of literary object (created by men or women); that of reader - as well as critic, teacher, student -; and, finally that of writer. The woman-as-writer can be a feminist writer, a feminine writer, a lesbian writer, a politically compromised writer, a woman who writes, a manly or man-like writer, a good writer, a bad writer, a sexist writer, a writer-writer who sometimes writes good books and sometimes writes bad ones. However, what is it that stands out in women's literature? In general terms, we women are more outspoken than men when it comes to expressing our feelings. Nonetheless, I should add that I have also come across texts written by men which are admirably shameless, and also texts written by women which are shamefully weak-kneed.
I am a left-wing, feminist woman who writes and who is politically compromised with the world. Writing is a passion, and all of the aforementioned should be reflected in it to some degree, whether actively or passively. I started to be a feminist on the day that - when still a little girl in Montcarrà - my father told me: 'If you were a boy, I'd make you go and play in the snow, which is very healthy'. I had to wait a long time before I found out that words such as 'sexism', 'injustice', 'discrimination', 'patriarchal society', 'machoism', etc. existed, and what they meant.
I write because I enjoy writing. For me writing is a way, the only way, of being myself. It is also a way of not dying altogether when I die, because wherever there is someone reading a book of mine, I will be alive. Life does not consist of writing, or not only of writing. But to write, is to live.