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Josep Ballester


Josep Ballester (Alzira, 1961) is a writer and professor of contemporary literature at the University of València. He devotes himself above all to poetry, with such collections as Passadís voraç del silenci (All-consuming Corridors of Silence – 1985), Oasi (Oasis – 1989), Tatuatge (Tatoo – 1989), L’holandès errant (The Wandering Dutchman – 1994) and La mar (The Sea – 1997). He also has been anthologized in the most significant poetry collections of the 1980s, including Ser del segle (Being of the Century – 1989) and Camp de mines (Minefield – 1991). But what stands out equally is his essay work, as much academic as creative, with such books as Joan Fuster: un aventura lírica (Joan Fuster: A Lyric Adventure – 1990), Temps de quarantena. Cultura i societat a la postguerra (Times of Quarantine: Postwar Culture and Society – 1992) and La traïció d’Ariadna (The Betrayal of Ariadne – 2001), among others. One must also take into account his work as a translator, particularly of Italian literature represented by such authors as Giorgio Bassani (Epitafi – 1996), Dario Fo (Misteri Buffo – 1999), Salvatore Quasimodo (El fals i veritable verd – 1993) and Pier Paolo Pasolini (El plany de l’excavadora, 2001).

His work has been translated into Spanish, Hungarian, Chinese, English and French. A recognized cultural advocate, Ballester was vice president of l’Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana for the Valencian Lands.

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Translation: Julie Wark.
Photographs: Author's personal files.