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Margalida Caimari


Margalida Caimari (Manzanillo de Cuba, 1839 - Palma, 1921), a poet and philanthropist who was educated at the La Puresa College in Palma, Mallorca, began to write poetry in Spanish, although she later changed to Catalan, in which she published numerous poems in periodical publications and magazines, especially in Lo Gay Saber and Calendari Català. Some of her poems also appeared in anthologies edited by Jeroni Rosselló (1873), Manuel Sanchis Guarner (1950), Esteve Albert et al (1975), Isabel Peñarrubia (2004), and Joan Miralles (2007).

As a philanthropist, she was founding president of the Associació d’Obreres de Sant Josep (St Joseph’s Workers’ Association) and a promotor of other initiatives including kindergartens.

Web page: Llucia Serra for AELC.
Cover photograph: Gran Enciclopèdia de Mallorca.
Translation: Julie Wark.