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Miquel Puig Cuadau


Miquel Puig Cuadau (L’Alcúdia, 1969) is a restless, questing teacher, writer, and cultural activist. He began his writing career in 2006 with his entry “En memòria de Carme” in the Ontinyent Council’s short story competition. In 2021 he received the Alberic Council’s Rafael Comenge Dalmau Award for Valencian Fiction for his book De llegendes i reclams, in 2020, the Santa Maria del Puig Council’s First Prize for the Short Story for his “L’Escapulari” and, in 2018, the “Llegir per Llegir per viure” award. He works with Dani Miquel in the Musiqueries projects, “A Nadal, un pas de pardal” and “Per molts anys”. In 2014 he published Els mons de Laia, a horror story with a tale of terror in Valencia as its background and, in 2017, Llampuga, llampega!, a story full of music, drawing on the magic of Valencian women. In 2018, he joined the Bromera Foundation’s “Reading in Valencian” campaign with his work Un pont de plata. A little later, the legend L’home dels nassos (Diputació de València), and Betlem Petrie i els mites de la mediterrània (L’Orquídia de Darwin) were published in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

In the area of education, his books include Done’m l’asguilando, El xiquet de la Ribera, La caixa de la por, and Espanta la por a l’escola, and he has run training courses in promoting the Valencian imaginary for the Teacher Training Service and the Librarians College of Valencia. He is also co-author, with Dani Miquel, of the Iaieries initiative for which they were awarded first prize by the Bromera Foundation for projects promoting reading in 2019. Moreover, he is working in other endeavours aiming to recover the oral tradition in literature by means of telling legends, stories, and tales, all of which feeds into his research and work related with Catalan popular culture and Mediterranean mythology.

Documentation and texts: Miquel Puig Caudau.
Web page: Sara Serrano for AELC.
Photograph: Álvaro Ruiz.
Translated by Julie Wark.