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Carme Miquel


Carme Miquel was born in the region of La Marina Baixa but has lived most of her life in the city of Valencia, while also spending holidays and some periods of her childhood in the Marina Alta region. These three geographic spaces have therefore had their influence in her life and in her writing, while constituting the founts from which she has imbibed a rich popular culture. It is also in these regions where she has found a significant part of the landscapes she has internalised and subsequently turned into literature.

Her literary activity goes hand in hand with her work as a teacher, in which she has been engaged for more than thirty-eight years, as well as social activism, not only in education and pedagogy, but also in the environmental, cultural and civic domains in general.

Besides writing novels "for adults" she has also worked with other genres. It should be said that the influence of her profession is basically reflected in her books for children and young people, while her political and social analysis and concerns appear mainly in her essays for young people, for example A cau d'orella. Cartes a Roser (Whispering: Letters to Roser) and Murmuris i crits. Cartes a Mireia (Murmurs and Shouts: Letters to Mireia), which she has dedicated to her daughters, as well as in the articles she periodically published in the press.

She is a member of the Association of Catalan Language Writers.

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