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Josep Pin i Soler


Josep Pin i Soler (Tarragona, 1842 – Barcelona, 1927). Intellectual and humanist, he published novel, theatre, traveller's narrative, literary critique, didactic books, translations and opinion articles.

He is mostly known as a novelist, for the trilogy La família dels Garrigas (1887), Jaume (1888), and Níobe (1889), three novels with realism style dedicated to his city, Tarragona, which offer a portrait of the eighteen hundred Catalan society, with it's traditional farmer's style of living in crisis. As playwrigth, he introduced bourgeoisie comedies into the theatre scene in Catalan language, with titles such as Sogra i nora (1890), La tia Tecleta (1892), Poruga (1907) and La baronessa (1917), amongst others. He published Vària (1903-1906), three volumes with a compilation of articles and narrative about his trips through the Mediterranean. His work as translator of Classics into Catalan is also important, it is published in the collection "Biblioteca d’Humanistes", of which he was director.

In 2002, Arola Editors began the publication of his essential works, under the direction of Magí Sunyer and Josep M. Domingo, which finished in 2007 with the publication of the 12th volume.

Page by Josep Miàs for AELC.
Photographs from the "Fons J. Pin i Soler" at the Biblioteca de Catalunya.
Translated by Josep Miàs.