Soler i Mas
Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana

Agustí Soler (Manresa, 1939 - Navarcles, 2002) wrote a variety of plays, chronologically he produced; dramatizations of historical facts and biographies, musicals, and went on to do humorous sketches. His production consists of a hundred titles that have all been played out by non-professional theatre companies, for the most part in large scale productions and in musicals. He furthermore produced theatre adaptations of narrative works like Un Hiver À Majorque, by George Sand; Papers contra la cinta magnètica, by Norbert Bilbeny; Los maestros pensadores, by André Gluksmann; Lipika, by R. Tagore or Santiago Rusiñol i la seva època, by Josep Pla. He is the author of forty scripts for the Innocentada de Manresa (an unpublished anual musical play). He has also translated Spanish performed but unpublished works by Víctor Ruiz Iriarte, Ugo Betti, José López Rubio, Carlos Llopis, Jaime Salom, Roberto M. Cossa and Copy. He was an AELC member.

Page by Carme Ros and Josep Miàs for the AELC.
Photographs: Family archive.