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Joan Andrés Sorribes


Joan Andrés Sorribes (Castelló, 1947) and presently resides between Castelló and Vistabella. With a degree in History and having worked as a teacher for more than forty years he has had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people and discover different places, giving him a solid baggage of knowledge and experience to write about. Even though he had always shown a bent for writing, it was not until the 1990s that he decided to publish his work. In 1995 he co-authored – with his friend Vicent Marcà – Les campanes del fadrí (The Single Man’s Bells), an ethnographic study of the bells in the Castelló belfry.

Immediately afterwards, he took up the challenge of writing with a definite literary vocation. This led to his idea of producing a kind of ethno-historical trilogy consisting of La forja de Lessera (Tàndem, 2000), Noverint Universi (Tàndem, 2000) and La creu de Cabrera (Bromera, 2003). The guiding thread of the three books is nothing other than the aim, very personal to be sure, of describing some historic moments that, in the author’s view, have been overlooked or unsatisfactorily dealt with. More recently, he has embarked on an analysis of present-day society with his usual and widely-recognised precision, as demonstrated in his novel Parlaràs de mi (Brosquil, 2007). In Pedres Marcades (Bromera, 2015) he tries a different style, shifting constantly from past to present.

He has also written two collections of short stories in which the more ironic and imaginative Joan Andrés is revealed: L'altra mirada (Brosquil, 2007) and Set narracions curtes per a una setmana llarga (Onada, 2010).

He has participated two years in the campaign to promote reading in Valencia, by Fundació Bromera and the newspaper Levante-emv, with the short stories La corona de la reina Esther (2013) and La contalla de l'avenc (2014).

With all this production, he is deemed to be one of the voices of reference in Valencian fiction today.

He is a member of Colla El Pixaví, Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (AELC – Association of Catalan Language Writers), and a founding member of El Pont. Cooperativa de Lletres.

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