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Alexandre Cirici

A l'anglès

  • Barcelona. 1952.
  • Tàpies (1954-1964). London: Methuen, 1965.
  • Treasures of Spain from Charles V to Goya. Geneva: Skira, 1965. Introduction by F. J. Sánchez Cantón. (Trad. Robin Kemball, Gladys Ronkin, i Catherine Moran)
  • Tàpies: witness of silence. New York: Tudor-Rizzoli, 1972.
  • Barcelona step by step by Bert and Frances Strauss; based on Barcelona pam a pam by Alexandre Cirici Pellicer. Barcelona: Teide, 1974; photographs by Oriol Maspons, drawings by Alexandre Cirici.
  • Barcelona, ciutat d'art. Barcelona: Teide, 1975.
  • . Barcelona: Polígrafa, 1985. (Trad. Kenneth Lyons)