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Josep Ferrater Mora


Joan Ferrater Mora (Barcelona, 1912 – 1991) philosopher and essayist, he is considered the most relevant Catalan philosopher of the 20th Century.

By the time he went into exile in 1939, he had already published his first book: Cóctel de verdad (A Real Cocktail – 1935). About the time of his exile he lived in a number of countries: France, Chile, Cuba and the United States. In 1949 he was working as a philosophy professor in Pennsylvania. The book Una mica de tot (A Little Bit of Everything – 1961) collected pieces he had written in exile for magazines such as Germanor, Recull Literari and the Revista de Catalunya. One of his most important works was the Diccionario de Filosofia, published in Mexico in 1941. He created the philosphical trend of Integrationism, which sought to reconcile opposing systems of thought.

Also outstanding among his works are El llibre del sentit (The Book of Meaning – 1948), Reflexions sobre Catalunya (Reflections on Catalunya – 1955) and La filosophia en el món d'avui (Philosophy in the Today's World – 1965). Turning his hand to literature, he wrote novels and stories including Voltaire en Nueva York (1985) and El joc de la veritat (The Game of Truth – 1988). In the same year the latter book was published, so was his collected correspondence with Joan Oliver: Joc de cartes (Card Game): Epistolari 1948-1984.

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Translation: Julie Wark.