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Josep Franco


Josep Franco (Sueca, 1955) is a writer. Although he began to work as a teacher, he entered the literary world as soon as he could and is now fully immersed. His fictional works, for example Calidoscopi (Kaleidoscope, 1983), Manuscrit de mossén Gerra (Monsignor Gerra's Manuscript, 1993) and Rapsòdia (Rhapsody, 1992), have received a good number of literary prizes, and some of his works have been best-sellers, as is the case of L'últim roder (The Last Bandit). He writes for adults, young people and children, while also working as a translator in several languages.

A citizen of Sueca through and through, he moves with his literary baggage in the footsteps of Joan Fuster, calling for the use of Valencian language in the region’s literature. Much of his work is concerned with offering a portrait of his country, la Ribera del Xúquer, in which he depicts its people in his distinctive satirical, ironic and incisive style.

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