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Josep Huguet


Josep Huguet. I was born in Reus in 1959. My great grandfather was mayor of Reus in the years of the Republic and my grandfather and father were great lovers of Catalan poetry. My grandfather died in 1941 as one of Franco's prisoners. I have told the story in my book published this year [2011] with the title Correspondència des de les presons de Franco (Correspondence from Franco’s Prisons), which brings together the letters my grandfather wrote from prison to my grandmother and my father.

Schooling in my youth was in Spanish and it was not until later that I studied Level-C, the second highest official qualification in Catalan, after which my lyrical vein came out with my first book of poems in Catalan, Les hores del silenci (Hours of Silence, 2007), a work that was praised in Reus by Jordi Agràs, and very well received in general. Since then, I have been deeply interested in the realm of visual poetry and, in 2008, I published the work Desfer un estel (Undoing a Star), a completely unprecedented work in which I write poems on a computer keyboard.

Following this, in 2009, I published Fullet de poesia breu (Pamphlet of Brief Poetry), a work clearly inspired by Joan Brossa with an odd detail (it has a silver sheet that acts as a mirror). In 2010 I published another, more conventional, book of visual poetry titled Pinya! (All Together!), a work that includes poems that have won prizes in the Jocs Florals literary competition of the Les Corts Mental Health Centre in the visual poetry section. 

Prior to this I had received poetry prizes from the El Vendrell Women's Group in 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006 (first, second, third and honourable mention).

Josep Huguet is a member of the Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (Association of Catalan Language Writers - AELC).

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