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Josep Iborra


Josep Iborra (Benissa (Alacant), 1929-2011), is a literary critic and writer.

He has a degree in Law and another in Philosophy and Letters from the University of Valencia, as well as a doctorate in Romance Philology. He has worked as a secondary school teacher, doing all he could to promote the language and culture of Valencia. He was subsequently co-director of the Institute of Educational Sciences at the University of Valencia where he has also been a member of the Linguistic Normalisation Service.

However, he is mainly recognised in the world of Catalan letters for his works as an essayist, lecturer and prologue writer. Notable among his published works are the fictional work Paràboles i prou (Parabolas and That’s Enough, 1955), and his essays, Fuster portàtil (Portable Fuster, 1982), Trinxera literària (Literary Trench, 1995) and Inflexions (Inflections, 2005). He writes frequently for periodical publications, for example Serra d'Or, L'Espill, Saó, El Temps, Reduccions, Caràcters and Revista de Catalunya.

He was a member of AELC.

Web page: Nausica Solà for AELC.
Documentation: Bernat Capó and Joan M. Monjo.
Photographs: Author’s personal files / Bernat Capó.
Translation: Julie Wark.