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Marina Martori


Marina Martori (Barcelona, 1979) is a writer and theatre director at the Auditorium in the town of Llinars del Vallés where she resides. With a degree in Audiovisual Communication, she has also studied in the areas of humanities, psychology, and cultural management. She has published twelve novels, children’s stories, and biographical studies. Notable among her fictional works are Crims del desig (2001), M’ha posat a cent que no portis calces (2011), Dones salvatges (2012), Per pur plaer (2015), Una casa lluny del mar (2019), and Nit americana (2021). She also writes a weekly column for El 9 Nou as well as articles for other media outlets. Moreover, she speaks at literary conferences and reading clubs.

She is a member of the Associació d’Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (AELC – Association of Catalan Language Writers).

Web page: Clara Bara Palma for AELC.
Photographs: Author’s personal files.
Translated by Julie Wark.