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"Set in Gandia in the 1960's, when the city ceased tobe a rural capital and became a reasonably large, commercial, anonymous, modern city, Les veus de la família spans a local boy's transition from childhood to adolescent. The seven-year old decides to fall silent in reaction in the oppression of both his family and his school, and by the age of sixteen he is commited to a mental institution. It is the story of the inability to adapt to society and rejection of human relationships.


Les veus de la família rejects material progress and clings to a past that it imagines to be richer in huiman contact. Given this rejection of the present, the boy's institutionalization and the uncle's suicide become two plausible options for escaping from reality."

(Albert Ibañez i Domènec: "Book review", Catalan writing, núm. 10, 1993)


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