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Enric Nolla


Enric Nolla (Caracas, Venezuela, 1966) is a playwright, journalist, teacher and cultural manager.

Born into a family of Catalan émigrés to Venezuela, he has been living in Barcelona since 1991. He trained as a playwright in the Theatre Writing Workshop of José Sanchis Sinisterra, at the Sala Beckett. He teaches dramaturgy and writing for the stage in the Barcelona Theatre Institute and also gives courses in the "Obrador de la Sala Beckett" a centre specialising in dramaturgy. He has staged and published the following plays: 7/24 o La llegenda de l'home que flota sobre els parcs (7/24 or The Legend of the Man Who Floats over Parks), which was written in 2011 and staged in Athens in 2013; El berenar d'Ulisses (Ulysses’ Afternoon Tea), premiered at the Sala Beckett in 2010; Safari, written in 2004 and published in 2010; Còlera (Cholera, 2009); Sweet Dreams, co-authored with Ricard Gázquez, which was staged in the Teatre Tantarantana in 2005; Àrea privada de caça (Private Hunting Area), staged in Teatre Nacional de Catalunya in 2003; Tractat de blanques (White Woman Deal), staged at the Sala Beckett, and winner of the 2002 Serra d’Or Prize; Hurracan (Hurricane), staged at the Sala Beckett, and winner of the 2001 Serra d’Or Prize; and A pas de gel en el desert (At the Pace of Ice in the Desert), which was staged at the Festival of Sitges in 1996 and published in 1997.

He has also written several as yet unpublished works, including Librium (1993), L'illa dels dragons (The Island of Dragons, 1995) and Sortida d'emergència (Emergency Exit, 2001), which was written with a grant from the National Theatre of Catalonia, Visita a les zones humides de la reserva (Visit to the Humid Zones of the Reserve, 2013) and Tu no surts a la foto (You’re Not in the Photo, 2014).

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