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Marta Pérez Sierra


Marta Pérez Sierra (Barcelona, 1957) has a degree in Catalan Philology and is a teacher. She has published a book of short stories I demà, l'atzar (And Tomorrow, Chance – Ed. Setzevents, 2009) and the collections of poems Sexe Mòbil singular, SMS (Singular Mobile Sex, SMS – Viena Edicions, 2002), Fil per randa (Told in Detail – Ed. Bubok, 2008), Dones d'heura (Women of Ivy – Pagès Editors, 2011, winner of the 2010 Jordi Pàmias Prize for Poetry in Guissona), boCins (scRaps – Ed. Bubok, 2012) and Si goso dir-li un mot d'amant (If I Dare to Say a Lover's Word – Ed. iBuksgrup, 2013; Ed. Cims, 2013 – Special Mention for the 2009 Jordi Pàmias Prize for Poetry).

Since 2010, she has been coordinating the interactive initiative "Il·lustra un poema de mps" (Illustrate a Poem by mps), in which 32 artists illustrate poems from Sexe Mòbil Singular, SMS. Exhibitions of these illustrations in different spaces (bars, civic centres, art schools and elsewhere, have given rise to an ongoing itinerant poetic vernissage.

From her online blog,, Marta Pérez Sierra has participated in several poetic anthologies. She also has poetry blog, Didalet d'ivori.

She is a member of the Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (AELC – Association of Catalan Language Writers).


Web page: Josep Miàs for AELC.
Documentation: Marta Pérez Sierra.
Photograph: © Elvira Valle Quer.
Translation: Julie Wark.