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Jordi Rubió i Balaguer


Jordi Rubió i Balaguer (Barcelona, 1887 - 1982), Historian, Librarian and Professor.

Considered as a benchmark of the Catalan school of history, he is the author of a great cultural work, that includes library cataloging, and numerous research works and studies on Historiography and Philology, that span from Ramon Llull to the XIX century, written in Catalan, Spanish and German.

He was director of the Biblioteca de Catalunya from its foundation in 1913, and organized the network of popular libraries in Barcelona. He was professor of Catalan literature, Bibliology and Librarianship at the Escola de Bibliotecàries, at the Estudis Universitaris Catalans and at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Between 1968 and 1970 he was president of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans.

He was honored with the Premi d'Honor de les Lletres Catalanes (1969), in the prize's first year, and with the Medalla d'Or de la Generalitat de Catalunya (1980). In 1984, Publicacions de l'Abadia de Montserrat began the publication of his Complete Works, fourteen volumes and near five thousand pages.

He was a founding member of Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (AELC, Association of Catalan Language Writers).

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