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Santiago Rusiñol


Santiago Rusiñol (Barcelona, 1861 - Aranjuez, 1931). Playwright, narrator, painter and collector.

He began his creative career as a painter and subsequently devoted himself to literature with more than ninety titles in all genres. In theatre, he began with small monologues and then works like L'alegria que passa (The Happiness that Happens) of 1891 and El jardí abandonat (The Abandoned Garden) of 1900, with a highly symbolist content. Educated in Paris, he was one of the precursors of Modernism in Catalonia, with platforms like El Cau Ferrat in Sitges, or Els Quatre Gats in Barcelona. He became one of the most re-published authors of his time. A theatrical version was created of one of his best-known novels El Auca del Senyor Esteve (Scenes from the Life of Senyor Esteve), of 1907, and this has become a classic of Catalan theatre.

Documentation: Jordi Ferrer Frigola.
Up-date: Nausica Solà.
Translation: Julie Wark.
Photographs: ©Ajuntament de Sitges