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Albert Salvadó


Albert Salvadó was born in Andorra la Vella in 1951. He is an industrial engineer and writer of children’s books, essays and novels. He is particularly noted for his historical stories where, with exquisite subtlety, he very feelingly combines reality, fiction, mystery.

His best-known works are L'enigma de Constantí el Gran (The Enigma of Constantine the Great), which was a finalist for the First Néstor Luján Prize for the Historical Novel; El mestre de Kheops (The Master of Cheops), winner of the Second Néstor Luján Prize for the Historical Novel; L'anell d'Àtila (Attila’s Ring), winner of the Fiter i Rossell Prize of the Circle of Arts and Letters; El rapte, el mort i el Marsellès (Abduction, Death and the Man from Marseilles), winner of the First Planeta “Sèrie Negra” Prize; Jaume I el Conqueridor (Jaume I the Conqueror), the trilogy consisting of <El punyal del sarraí (The Saracen’s Dagger), La reina hongaresa (The Hungarian Queen) and Parleu o mateu-me (Speak to Me or Kill Me); L'ull del diable (The Devil’s Eye); El relat de Gunter Psarris (Gunter Psarris’s Story); Un vot per l'esperança (A Vote for Hope); Els ulls d'Anníbal (Hannibal’s Eyes), winner of the Carlemany Prize; L’ombra d’Ali Bei (The Shadow of Ali Bei) the trilogy consisting of Maleït català! (Damn Catalan!), Maleït musulmà! (Damn Muslim!) and Maleït cristià! (Damn Christian!).

He was a member of AELC (Association of Catalan Language Writers).

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Translation: Julie Wark.