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Oriol Vergés


Oriol Vergés (Barcelona, 1939). Bachelors Degree in Geography and History, he combined teaching and writing until 1999.

Dedicated to children's and teenager's literature, he published narrative, short stories, historic novels, theatre and didactic books, and collaborated in the fanzines Tretzevents, Cavall Fort and Rodamón. His work was essential in the resumption of children's and teenager's literature in Catalan language from late 1960's. From the beginning his trajectory was awarded with the most important prizes: Folch i Torres Prize in 1977 for La ciutat sense muralles (1978), Joaquim Ruyra Prize in 1978 for El superfenomen (1979), and four times the young readers' Crítica Serra d'Or Prize, for the titles L'abat Oliba (1976) and El superexecitiu (1978), and the collections "Les arrels" (1985) and "Hi havia una vegada..." (1989).

Always in touch with the young readers, he writes fiction about historic facts, he describes the problems between the teenager and the adult world and criticizes the consumerism and the social problems.

He is a member of honour of Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (AELC, Association of Catalan Language Writers).

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