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Josep Civit


Josep Civit was born in Montblanc in 1958. His profession is teaching and this, along with poetry, are two of the passions that commandeer a great deal of his time, although late - very late - in life he discovered in this frailty, or this art of putting black on white, the always uncertain possibility of halting the march of time.

He imbibes at all poetic founts, understanding that each and every one is valid. After all, the poem, any poem, finally enfolds the reader in its free and intimate re-creation.

Among the prizes he has been awarded for his poetry are the 2002 "Marc Granell- Vila d'Almussafes" Prize; the 2003 Sant Celoni Prize for Poetry; the 2005 "Jacint Verdaguer- Vila de Calldetenes" prize (ex aequo); the 2006 "Alella a Maria Oleart" Prize; the 2007 "Miquel Martí i Pol de Roda de Ter" Prize, 2007; and the 2008 Marià Manent Prize.

He has published nine volumes of poems: Mirall Endins/Dotze silencis (Mirror Within / Twelve Silences), with Agustí Masip (authors' edition, 1989); La Catedral submergida(The Submerged Cathedral - Cuadernos de la perra gorda, 1998); El que queda del dia (What Is Left of the Day - El Carro del Sol, 1999; Illes de cendra lenta (Islands of Slow Ash - Editorial Rourich, 2002); Entre parèntesi (In Parenthesis - Edicions 96, 2003); Pretèrit Imperfet (Past Imperfect - Viena Edicions, 2004); Instantànies (Snapshots - March Editor, 2006; Només un vidre (Just A Bit of Glass - La Comarcal Edicions, 2007; Interior amb finestres (Interior with Windows - Eumo Editorial, 2008).

He is a member of the Associació d’Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (AELC – Association of Catalan Language Writers).

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