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Jordi Cussà


Jordi Cussà (Berga, 1961-2021), a Catalan writer, translator, playwright, and actor, lived in Barcelona, Sant Cugat, and Naples in his youth. In 1978 he was one of the founding members of the Anònim Teatre foundation in Berga, with which he started out as a playwright and actor. His youth was marked by drug addiction, which is reflected in his first novel Cavalls salvatges (2000), which caused a sensation in Catalan letters because of its innovation in both its linguistic and stylistic solutions and its themes. This was followed by the historical novels La Serp (2001) and El Ciclop (2017), a work of political fiction, A Reveure, Espanya (2010), and a recounting of the life of Guillem de Berguedà in El trobador Cuadeferro (2016). He also writes short stories.

In addition to his career as a playwright and writer, Jordi Cussà is a translator from English. He has translated some fifty titles by such authors as Chuck Palahniuk, John Boyne, Patricia Highsmith, and Truman Capote.

He was a member of the Association of Catalan Language Writers (AELC).


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