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Josep Maria Fonalleras


Josep Maria Fonalleras (Girona, 1959) is a writer and newspaper columnist. He has a degree in Catalan Philology and has worked in the Public Service while also publishing numerous articles in the press, in particular in La Vanguardia, Avui, and El Punt. He frequently works with Catalunya Ràdio as well. Some of his newspaper articles have been published in book form, with collections like Interior de balena (1991) or Itinerari recomanat (2003).

His narrative work appears in the two genres of the short story and the novel. He has published short stories such as El rei del mambo (1985), Botxenski i companyia (1988) or Avaria (1990), Sis homes (2005) or Un any de divorciat (2007). In 2003, a good part of his stories, along with some unpublished ones, were brought out in the collection Llarga vista (Long View), which was published by Empúries.

In 1997, Fonalleras received the City of Palma Prize for his novel La millor guerra del mundo, after which he published the novels August & Gustau (2001), Climent (2013) and La sala d'estar és un camp de futbol (2015). He has also co-written a novel, El secret de l'arxiu (1990). The critics see the influence of Salinger or Gombrowitz in his narrative work.

He is also interested in theatre and has written the play Si vols viure a gran amor.

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Translation: Julie Wark.
Photograph: © Carme Esteve/AELC (2007).