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Elena Gavarró


Elena Gavarró i Buscà (Barcelona, 1968) is a philologist, writer, and author of novels which, in a clear, direct style and always with a narrative approach, speak of matters pertaining to the human essence, which could appear in any space and at any time.

In 2004, when she was teaching writing in the Aula de Lletres, she was offered the job of ghost-writer for a well-known woman writer but she turned it down saying that she would publish in her own name or not at all.

In 2018, she was awarded the 26th Joan Marquès Arbona Prize for Fiction (Sóller, Mallorca) for her book Sota terra which, set at the end of the nineteenth century, is about historical-social themes and human psychology.

She is a member of the Associació d’Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (AELC – Association of Catalan Language Writers).

Web page: Clara Bara Palma for AELC.
Documentation: Author’s personal files.
Photograph: Sus Blanco Photography.
Translation: Julie Wark.