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Lluïsa Julià


Lluïsa Julià (Barcelona, 1958) is a writer, essayist and cultural agent. Her main field of research is modern and contemporary literature, working in particular on the classical writers Joaquim Ruyra and Maria Antònia Salvà and publishing in both cases studies, editions of their works, biographies while also editing their previously unpublished works and correspondence. Notable among these publications are Ruyra, inèdit (Ruyra, the Unknown – 1991), Joaquim Ruyra, narrador (Joaquim Ruyra, Narrador – 1992), and her edited volume of the original edition of Maria Antònia Salvà's translation of Frederic Mistral's work Mireia (2004).

Again, she has published a great number of works in the field of literary studies, situating the work of modern and contemporary women writers in the literary panorama, these including the anthology Paisatge emergent. Trenta poetes catalanes del segle XX (Emerging Landscape: Thirty Catalan Women Poets of the Twentieth Century - 1999, produced in collaboration with other authors). She has also participated in and coordinated projects such as the series of artistic performances Cartografies del desig (Cartographies of Desire, 1997-2001), recitals, panel discussions, producing literary reviews and seminars. In 2007 she published a collection of essays on Catalan women writers, Tradició i orfenesa (Tradition and Orphanhood, 2007) followed by, among others, the essay Els miralls de la ficció. La narrativa de Maria-Àngels Anglada (2013) and the biography Maria-Mercè Marçal. Una vida (2017).

She writes regularly in reviews such as Caràcters and Serra d'Or –with which she belongs to the editorial board.

Julià was secretary of the board of Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana –AELC, Association of Catalan Language Writers– (2001-2009) and member of the National Board of Òmnium Cultural (2010-2015) and member of the board of Ateneu Barcelonès.

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