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Sergi Pàmies


Sergi Pàmies (Paris, 1960). Writer, Translator and Journalist.

Pàmies career begun with the publication of the short narrative compilations T'hauria de cuare la cara de vergonya (1986) (Losing face, 1993), and Infecció (1987). He went on to publish the novels La primera pedra (1990), L'instint (1992), which was awarded the "Prudenci Bertrana", and Sentimental (1996). With La gran novel·la sobre Barcelona (1997), awarded the "Crítica Serra d'Or" (1998), he returned to the short narrative, genre that cultivated also in the titles L'últim llibre de Sergi Pàmies (2000), Si menges una llimona sense fer ganyotes (2006) –awarded the Ciutat de Barcelona, Lletra d'Or, and Setenil prizes–, La bicicleta estàtica (2010) and Cançons d'amor i de pluja (2013).

One should also highlight his translation works, mainly from French into Catalan and Spanish, and his regular collaborations in the press, with articles in El Temps, El País and La Vanguardia, amongst others. From years, he has been a regular collaborator in several radio programmes.

All his work has been translated into French and Spanish, and he has work translated into English, German, Galician, Greek and Italian.

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