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Maria Mercè Roca


Maria Mercè Roca (Potbou, Alt Empordà, 1958). Writer and politician.

She made her name with the collection of stories Sort que hi ha l'horitzó (1986), for which she was awarded the Víctor Català. Subsequently she began writing novels, with titles such as Els arbres vençuts (1987), El present que m'acull (1987), awarded with the Josep Pla, Perfum de nard (1988), La casa gran (1991), Greuges infinits (1992), Cames de seda (1992), awarded the Sant Jordi, L'àngel del vespre (1998), Delictes d'amor (2000), awarded the Ramon Llull, or Els dies difícils (2005), among others.

She has also written children's literature with titles such Com un miratge (1988) or El llop Pepito (2006), and the Tv series' script Secrets de família, shown by the Catalan TV3. She has work translated into Basque, Dutch, French, German and Spanish.

She has been vice-president for Catalonia (2011-2015) of the Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (AELC, Association of Catalan Language Writers).

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