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Josep Sebastià Pons


Josep Sebastià Pons (Illa, Rosselló, 1886-1962) was a poet, fiction writer and playwright.

Reading Verdaguer made him consider that the myth of his childhood language, Roussillonese (Northern Catalan) could be made reality and he always strove to give it the status of a literary language. Books like the collection of poems Cantilena (Cantinela, 1937) and the work of fiction Llibre de les set sivelles (Book of the Seven Buckles, 1956) situate him as the best Roussillonese writer of his generation. Many subsequent poets have been inspired by him and his work has been praised by such well-known figures of Catalan literature as Josep Pla and Tomàs Garcés.

After his death, his work was reclaimed around the 1980s by younger poets and his Obres completes (Complete Works) was published, finally revealing the magnitude of his literary project.

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Translation: Julie Wark.