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Víctor Aldea


Víctor Aldea (Barcelona, 1973) is a writer, translator and critic specialising in children's and young people's literature.

In 1987 he was the winner of the Sant Jordi (Saint George) Prize for Young Writers of the Generalitat (Government) of Catalonia with his first story and, in 1990, he received the Pere Vergés Foundation award for his research into the life and work of the writer Josep Maria Folch i Torres. He has been writing for the children's and young people’s literary review CLIJ since 1993. Notable among the articles he has written are those on the Brothers Grimm, Kenneth Grahame, A. A. Milne and Philip Pullman, as well as a piece on the fortieth anniversary of the publication of El zoo d'en Pitus (Pitus's Zoo) and La casa sota la sorra (The House under the Sand), which was awarded the Sixth Aurora Díaz-Plaja Prize in 2006. Moreover, he has produced a substantial body of translated works of such writers as Mario Puzo, Cristina García, David Bezmozgis, Kenneth Grahame, Salvador Dalí, John Griesemer and Colm Tóibín.

Obansheë (2002), Víctor Aldea's first novel for adults, was awarded "La Primera Columna" Prize. This is the opening book in a series of novels called "La màscara i els rostres" (The Mask and the Faces).

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