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Lluís Arcarazo


Lluís Arcarazo (Barcelona, 1959) is a scriptwriter.

A lecturer in scriptwriting at the Ramon Llull University and former president of Guionistes Associats de Catalunya (GAC – Associated Scriptwriters of Catalonia), he is mainly known as a scriptwriter for films and television. He has worked for years writing fictional series for television and has been a scriptwriter of several very popular Catalan series including Teresina, SA (1993), Poble Nou (1994-95), Secrets de família (1995-96), Nissaga de poder (1996-98, winner of the 1998 Institute of Catalan Letters Prize), La memòria dels Cargols (1998-99) and El cor de la ciutat (2000-09). In 2007 he was awarded the Goya Prize for Best Adapted Script with Salvador (Puig Antich) (2006), and he also wrote the screenplays for the feature films Barcelona, la Rosa de foc (2012) and Laia (2015), as well as for the documentaries Llach: La revolta permanent (2006) and Pepe & Rubianes (2011). Furthermore, he has written the children’s book Les aventures d'un bigoti (2005) and adapted Mercè Rodoreda’s novel Aloma (2008) to be staged at the National Theatre of Catalonia.

He has been a member of the board of trustees of the SGAE (General Society of Authors and Publishers) Foundation and a member of the SGAE’s Regional Board in Catalonia. He is a member of Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (AELC - Association of Catalan Language Writers).

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Photograph: Author’s personal file.
Translated by Julie Wark.