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Jordi-Pere Cerdà


Jordi-Pere Cerdà (Sallagosa, Alta Cerdanya, 1920 - Perpinyà, Rosselló, 2011) is the pseudonym of Antoni Cayrol, who was a poet, narrator and playwright.

He promotes Catalan activities in the Rosselló area and has written extensively on the problem of Catalan Culture in Catalunya Nord (Catalan-speaking France). His literary creations, of elegant and bucolic tone, deal with love, work and an autobiography concerning his anti-fascist activities. He has been awarded the Premi de Literatura de la Generalitat (Autonomous Government of Catalonia Literature Prize, 1989), el Premi Nacional de Literatura (National Prize for Literature, 1999), anb la Creu de Sant Jordi (Saint George Cross, 1986) as well as Premi d'Honor de les Lletres Catalanes (Catalan Letters Award of Honour, 1995), amongst other prizes.

He was an honorary member of the Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (Association of Catalan Language Writers).

Documentation: Gabriel Boloix.
Up-date: Toni Terrades.
Translation: Julie Wark.
Photograhs: © Iolanda Guevara.