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Marià Manent


Marià Manent (Barcelona, 1898 - 1988). Poet, translator, literary critique and memoirs writer.

Trained during the Noucentisme movement, diverts his style towards Symbolism and "poesia pura" (pure poetry). His poetry was published in 5 books between 1918 and 1986 and was compiled in 1989 in Poesia Completa. He translated English poets such as Yeats, Thomas, Blake and many others into Catalan, receiving the Knight Commander of the British Empire in 1976 for his numerous translations. His diary, written between 1918 and 1981, is of particular interest. The passage El vel de maia, written during the Spanish Civil War won the "Josep Pla" award in 1974. His art and literary critiques have been compiled in the volumes Notícies d'art (1981) and Rellegint (1987). In 1984 an English translation of his poetry was published under the title of The Shade of Mist. Selected Poems. At the end of his career, in 1985, he was honored with the Premi d'Honor de les Lletres Catalanes. In 1999, ten years after his death, the first volume of his complete work, including his whole diary, was published.

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