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Miquel Mas Ferrà


Miquel Mas Ferrà (Palma, 1950).I essentially consider myself to be a novelist. I think that one can sense from my work that I understand literature on the basis of two aspects: on the one hand, by taking advantage of the stylistic and formal resources that classical and contemporary literature have passed on to us and, on the other hand -and which I regard as equally important-, by incorporating the personal testimony of one time, the most immediate past and the present, with their great truths and all their miseries.

I think that literature, in a status of permanent evolution, has to be suggestive, exciting, committed and also funny. Neither the politically active literature nor those soft and distilled products, which influence in favour of an indifferent placidity, are among my favourites. I continuously endeavour to involve the reader in which I believe to be indispensable in life: to take it to the edge of its own contradictions.

He is a member of AELC (Association of Catalan Language Writers).

Web page: Bea Fernández for AELC.
Documentation and Photograph: Personal files of the author.
Translation: Julie Wark.