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Miquel Obiols


Miquel Obiols (Roda de Ter, Osona, 1945). Writer, screenwriter and TV program creator-director.

He published, among others, the children's and teenager's literary works Ai Filomena, Filomena! i altres contes (1977; 2012), awarded the Crítica Serra d'Or prize, Tatrebill en contes uns (1980), El Misteri de Buster Keaton (1980), El tigre de Mary Plexiglàs (1987), awarded the Joaquim Ruyra, the Crítica Serra d'Or, and the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes literary prizes; Iris (1991), published in seven volumes and awarded the Critici in Erba Prize from Bologna, and translated into English as All the Colours in the Rainbow (1996), Llibre de les M'Alícies (1990; 2009), a personal hommage to Lewis Carroll, and He tornat a jugar amb la mare i se m'ha espatllat (2010). He has also published two books for adults, 55 taques & gargots (2002) and No hi cabem dues vegades, en aquest món (2016).

Some of his stories and books have been adapted to theatre: A l'inrevés, in Nit de Sant Joan by Dagoll Dagom (1981; 2010); Tatrebill en contes uns, under the title Datrebil, 7 cuentos y 1 espejo by Teatro Achiperre (1990); El tigre de Mary Plexiglàs under J. Pere-Peyró and Alvic Teatre's dramaturgy (1991), and El quadre més bonic del món with the title Miró, el pintor poeta by the group El Tlakuache (2004) from Mexico.

In addition, he created, directed and wrote the scripts for the TV programmes Terra d'escudella (1976-79), Planeta Imaginari (1982-86), Pinnic (1992-94) and Programa +o-xo: (1996-2000), amongst others. He invented the characters gallifants.

He conceived and adapted the poetic works of Miquel Bauçà at the documentary Miquel Bauçà, poeta invisible, awarded a GAC prize in 2007 as best television and cinema documentary. He has also adapted other authors for the television.

Some of his work has been translated into several languages. He is a member of Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (Association of Catalan Language Writers) and Guionistes Associats de Catalunya (Associated Scriptwriters of Catalonia).

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