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Baltasar Porcel


Baltasar Porcel (Andratx, Mallorca, 1937 - Barcelona, 2009) has written novels, short stories, travel books, narrative prose, opinion pieces, theatre and has given many interviews. In his narrative work, he has constructed a Mediterranean world wherein the Andratx cycle is notable. Here he creates a myth of the town of his birth and, on the basis of this, he articulates his metaphor of the human condition. Outstanding amongst his novels are La lluna i la "Cala Llamp" (The Moon and "Lightning Cove") (1963), Els argonautes (The Argonauts) (1968), Difunts sota els ametllers en flor (Corpses under Flowering Almonds) (1970), Cavalls cap a la fosca (Horses into the Night) (1975), Les primaveres i les tardors (Springs and Autumns) (1986), El cor del senglar (The Heart of the Boar) (2000), L'emperador o l'ull de vent (The Emperor or the Eye of the Wind) (2001), Olympia a mitjanit (2004) and Cada castell i totes les ombres (2008). He has been awarded the major prizes in Catalan literature, such as the Josep Pla Prize (1970), the Prudenci Bertrana prize, in 1975 and 1997, the Sant Jordi (Saint George) Prize (1986), the Generalitat (Autonomous Government) of Catalonia Catalan Literature prize for literary creation (1987) and the Ramon Llull prize of 2001. He was a member of l'Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (Association of Catalan-Language Writers).

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