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Joan Salvat-Papasseit


Joan Salvat-Papasseit (Barcelona, 1894-1824) was known above all as a poet, though he also wrote articles, manifestos and other prose of a political and social nature.

His work is notable for its nonconformity, idealism and the foreboding of a premature death. His poetry, with both avant-garde and traditional influences begins with "Poemes en ondes herzianes" (Poems in Herzian Waves) of 1919, moving to "La gesta dels Estels" (The Great Deed of the Stars) of 1922, and finally to culminate with the poet's vital enthusiasm in "El poema de la rosa als llavis" (The Poem of the Rose at the Lips) in 1923. He died of tuberculosis at thirty.

His poetic work has always been popular and of great diffusion.

Documentation: Gabriel Boloix.
Updated by Heura Marçal Serra.
Cover image by Jaume Guàrdia (1923).