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Cèlia Sànchez-Mústich


Cèlia Sànchez-Mústich (Barcelona, 1954). Her work, mainly poetic, also covers novels, short stories, essays and other non fiction prose writings, and it is praised for the way in which she links the different genres she deals with, and her original points of view.

The short movie Ràdio Taxi by Jordi Bueno, premièred at the cinemas in 2012, was inspired by one of her stories. She has performed in several poetry readings throughout the Catalan speaking territories. She has been awarded, amongst others, with the Mercè Rodoreda prize for narrative, the Crítica Serra d'Or prize, the Miquel de Palol prize and the Octubre prize for poetry. She has promoted several cultural projects and from 2007 she is co-directress of the peculiar "Festa de la Poesia" (Festival of Poetry) in Sitges. Some of her poems have been translated and selected for anthologies in publications such as Galeusca –poetic anthology 1990-2003–; 48 poètes catalans pour le XXle siècle; He decidido seguir viviendo (University of Guadalajara, Mexico); Parlano le donne, poetesse catalane del XXI secolo or the French literary review Europe. Among her more than fifteen published books, one could highlight the novel Tercer acte d'amor (2000), the short stories book Ara et diré què em passa amb les dones i tretze contes més (2013), also the book of unclassifiable genre, half way through the essay, the article and the novelized memoirs, Els vells, aquella nosa, and his last books of poems On no sabem (2010) –also published in France and Quebec in a bilingual edition, translated by François-Michel Durazzo–, A l'hotel, a deshora (2014), La gota negra (2018) and Mudança endins (2022).

She is a member of AELC (Association of Catalan Language Writers).

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