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Emili Teixidor


Emili Teixidor (Roda de Ter, Osona, 1932 - Barcelona, 2012). Writer, Pedagog and Journalist. He wrote literature for children and young adults, published over thirty books, including novels for an adult readership.

Some of his earlier works are now considered children’s and young adult classics, these include Les rates malaltes (1967), awarded with the Joaquim Ruyra, Dídac, Berta i la màquina de lligar boira (1969) and L'ocell de foc (1969). As an adult's novelist, he wrote Sic transit Gloria Swanson (1979), awarded with the Crítica Serra d'Or, Retrat d'un assassí d'ocells (1988), El Llibre de les Mosques (2000), awarded the Sant Jordi de novela, and his most acclaimed novel, Pa negre (2003), which obtained the awards Joan Crexells, Lletra d'Or, Premi Nacional de Cultura de Literatura and Maria Àngels Anglada. He also published the novels Laura Sants (2006) and Els convidats (2010).

He also wrote radio and television scripts, journalistic articles and article compilations from his collaborations on the radio, such as En veu alta: escrits per a la ràdio (1998).

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