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Josep Maria Andreu


Josep Maria Andreu (Barcelona, 1920 - 2014) was a poet and songwriter.

He published the poetry collections Per entrar en el regne (1957) and Intento el poema (1960), which was awarded the 1959 Carles Riba Prize. In 1993, these two collections and some of his lyrics were reissued in the volume Poemes i cançons (1957-1992).

A key figure in the history of Catalan song, he adapted more than three hundred songs originally written in French, English, Italian and Spanish as well as writing about four hundred and fifty songs, both original pieces and adaptations. Especially important is the joint work he did with the musician Lleó Borrell, with whom he composed a number of successful songs and, in particular, «Se'n va anar», which was the winner of the Mediterranean Song Festival in 1963. Raimon, Salomé, Salvador Escamilla, Núria Feliu, Joan Manuel Serrat, Lluís Llach, Josep Carreras and Montserrat Caballé are among the singers who have sung his lyrics.

In 2006 Andreu received the prestigious Creu de Sant Jordi (St. George Cross) award.

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Documentation and photographs: Miquel Pujadó.
Translated by Julie Wark.