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Rafael Escobar


Rafael Escobar (Burjassot, l'Horta Nord, 1942) is a writer. He worked, until 2007, for the government of the Generalitat Valenciana. Despite his late dedication to literature his career is notable due to his numerous prizes and publications.

His career started with the short novels L'Estel capgirat (1992) and La dona menuda (1992), awarded respectively with the Vila de Crevillent (1990) and the L'Encobert de Xàtiva (1991). Two years later he received the Octubre-Andròmina for L'últim muetzí (1994), a historical novel where he depicts the prosecution and expulsion of the Moorish Valencian population. His interest for this genre drew him to write Les veus de la vall (2000), set in the years following the Moorish expulsion from Valencia, and El crit de maig (2009), which describes the uprising of the Valencian peasants in 1693. He also published narrative, with titles such as Perversa oronella tardana (1994), Vent de bruixes (1994), Històries urbanes (2003), El camí de les bardisses (2003) and Històries espectrals (2010), among others. In 2015 he published the football player Vicent Martínez Català's biography, …i la glòria entreobrí les seues portes.

Rafael Escobar is an honorary member of Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (AELC, Association of Catalan Language Writers).

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