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Llorenç Capdevila


Llorenç Capdevila Roure (Alpicat, 1969) is a writer and secondary school teacher. He has been living in Manresa since 1994, teaching Language and Literature at the Auro de Santpedor Secondary School.

He published his first short story in the review Tirant al blanc when he was studying Catalan Philology at the University of Lleida. After that, his literary vocation lay dormant until 1997 when he decided to write his first novel, Racó de món (Corner of the World, El Mèdol, 2000), a satire on the ecological movement, speculation and politics.

Since then he has set a good part of his stories in periods other than the present. With El color del crepuscle (The Colour of Twilight, Columna, 2001) he initiated a three-novel cycle that was set in the late Middle Ages and that was completed with O rei o res! (King or Nothing!, Columna, 2003) and Ànima de llop (Wolf Spirit, Proa, 2005). He has also published the demythologising novel Serrallonga, l'últim bandoler (Serrallonga, the Last Bandit, Proa, 2006) and the novel for young people El secret del bandoler (The Bandit's Secret, Cruïlla, 2007). For all the historical character of many of his works, he has always seen himself first and foremost as a storyteller and creator of characters. His book Sota la pell (Under the Skin), a novel inspired by a true story and published by Proa in 2010, represents a significant change of register. in 2015 he received the young people prize for literature Gran Angular with L'herència del vell pirata.

Some of his novels have been translated into Spanish, for example Serrallonga, el último bandolero (JP 2009) and El secreto del bandolero (SM, 2010).

He also works with a range of publications such as El pou, Segre, El nou pinetell and Regió 7.

He is a member of the Associació d'Escriptors en Llengua Catalana (Association of Catalan Language Writers) and Òmnium Cultural.

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